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Creating a business listing with Malcolms’ Choice is a great way to get your business on the world wide web. Our digital platform will help your business to be seen, support your online sales and help you find what you need black owned. Black Businesses Connected, will enable your company to market, complete campaigns and reach a whole new clientele.

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DO you know an amazing Black owned and operated business? Refer them to our database as a company to help our community assist, support and invest in their growth. Whether they are located in Toronto, Ontario or across Canada, connect them to a business system designed to help their services, product and system to be known. Make the Choice

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When you become a customer of Malcolm’s Choice you are becoming a part of the solution. Each dollar you circulate in our community helps to ensure we are building intergenerational wealth and community empowerment. By being a customer you are able to make referrals, leave reviews and highlight amazing community events. Discover Black Businesses.