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Sharing knowledge is a huge part of our mission and we know there is a wealth of knowledge right here in our community. You are the experts and we want to tap into your expertise. If you have a personal or business blog and you’ve written an article about business, wellness, finance, or any worthwhile topic that you want to share, send it in!


Simply fill out your contact information below and submit a copy or link to your article. Our team will review submissions and reach out if we’d like to publish yours.


5 Reasons to become a guest blogger:

  1. Drive traffic to your own Blog 
  2. Show expertise in your industry
  3. Get published – and brag about it
  4. Reach new audiences
  5. Grow your network and brand


**All contributions are currently unpaid.



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Malcolm’s Choice is a Black owned business directory that provides affordable marketing solutions for local Black business owners and entrepreneurs.

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