#BuyBlack for Back to School

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Here's the Story

3 Black brands from Toronto to take back to school


  1. Kids Swag 

Inspiring Confidence Through Representation.

KIDS SWAG is an online marketplace of amazing brands that is a resource in Raising Confident Kids that Love Themselves and Appreciate Difference.  


2. Reward’um

Peel. Stick.

Watch your child begin to follow routines

 Rewardum™ visual schedules acts as a visual cue to remind kids of what to do, or what is
coming up next. It was perfectly crafted to help parents display everything from bedtime
routines, to-do lists, to daily activities and chores.

3. M & K Creative Designs 

This business was built to represent a culture so beautiful, so powerful, and so unique. Here you’ll find Afrocentric coffee mugs, Afrocentric t-shirts, Afrocentric bags, Afrocentric notebooks and drink ware.

Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or college, you’ll be sure to find something for any age groups  with these 3 local brands. 

Happy shopping fam!

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