F.E.E.T Program FAQS

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At Malcolm’s Choice, we have become involved with helping the FEET Program reach out to business owners looking to hire skilled BIPOC youth.

Here’s more on what the program is about:

The program is called “find your F.E.E.T.,” which stands for Future Entrepreneurship Employment Track. The purpose is to help as many BIPOC youths as possible with employment skills training and help them find quality employment opportunities by recruiting employers and making the connection.

You’re probably wondering how as a business owner, this program can benefit you.

  1. As an Employer, this program can benefit you by saving you time with the hiring process. The youths who are matched for the job will have undergone a series of employment skills training workshops to prepare them for the job placement.
  2. Through the F.E.E.T. program, an employer will be reimbursed the minimum wage per hour + applicable taxes paid to the youth employee for job placements of up to 8 weeks.

Here are the steps you would expect to follow as a business owner to move forward with the program.

  1. The first step will be to get in contact with a representative of F.E.E.T. to express your interest in the program or willingness to hire BIPOC youth.
  2. Step two will be to assess your eligibility as an Employer. Certain conditions apply.
  3. Step three is to get your business registered with F.E.E.T. if all eligibility criteria are met.
  4. Step four is to send us a job description for the placement, including the start date and time. We can help with this.
  5. Interview F.E.E.T. candidates that we select as suitable for the job placement.
  6. Present a job placement offer.
  7. Pay youth and submit a copy of their timesheet/paystub with a completed Wage Subsidy Form to be reimbursed accordingly.

Moreover, business owners will need to provide an employer registration form, proof of workplace insurance, a job placement form and a wage subsidy claim form. Additionally, business owners will get a chance to choose who they would like to hire and in which position. The youth will be available for hire as soon as they complete their four-week training.

More FAQS:

  1. Do I need to have an open position existing, or can I create a job specifically to hire youth?

There should be an open position readily available for our job-ready youths. But an employer can create a post specifically to accommodate youth job placements. That is solely by the discretion of the hiring employer.

  1. How long is the placement duration?

The subsidized placement duration is for eight (8) weeks. 

  1. What happens when the placement ends?

The employer will no longer receive the wage subsidy for that specific placement and must decide whether keeping the youth on the payroll is beneficial.

An employer can hire another youth from the F.E.E.T. program if there’s an open position for our trainees to be placed.

  1. How many youths can I hire at a given time for this program?

An Employer can hire as many youths as desired so long as there are enough job positions available to accommodate the youth.

  1. Is placement for full-time hours only?

No. But youth cannot exceed 40 hours per week while in the F.E.E.T. placement program.

  1. Do I have to pay for anything?
  • Employers are expected to pay the youth as they would pay any other employee on the payroll.
  • Once an employer submits the Subsidy Claim form, then reimbursement is made to the Employer by Frontlines.
  • Do I need workplace insurance?
    1. Yes! Private insurance or W.S.I.B. is sufficient to enroll in this program.
  • How will I get reimbursed?
    1. After a pay period, an employer is expected to complete a Wage Subsidy Claim form indicating that the youth employee was paid.
    2. The employer must submit the completed Wage Subsidy form and supporting documents (e.g., timesheet/paystub) to the F.E.E.T. job developer or program manager.
    3. The reimbursement schedule can be determined when the Placement Agreement is established.When and how often should I submit a wage subsidy claim?
    1. At the end of a pay period (ex. Bi-weekly)
    2. Once a month.
  • Do I have to keep the youth on the payroll after the placement duration ends?
  1. An employer does not have to keep the youth employee on the payroll.
  2. If an employer wishes to keep the youth on board, they are responsible for paying the youth employee total wages with applicable deductions.
  3. Frontlines’ F.E.E.T. program cannot subsidize the wage after the allotted eight weeks are completed.

To register, Contact Frontlines by phone at 416-244-7017 or by email at contact@frontlines.to requesting to speak with any F.E.E.T. representative. The program manager or job developer will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Ekua Sekyere

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