I'm inviting all my peace, love, and happiness seekers to join:

‘The Peace, Love & Happiness Club’


To share, have some fun and learn a little or a lot about having happiness show up for real in your life.

*Emotional Support Sessions

Helping you achieve happiness and inner well-being in your personal life, career, family, and home environment.
*Reiki & Vital Energy Healing $90

Balancing auras, chakras, the emotional & energetic body, trauma & grief also managing pain and recovery from surgery and other medical treatments and health issues.
*Relationship & Health Coaching Sessions
Healing your core relationships at work, home, family, partner, dating, and friendships.
Using Alternative approaches to solving medical issues and health goals.
Intuitive and Conventional approaches to solving relationship crisis and relationship goals.


Maybe you're struggling with Love OR a lack of good Health Habits & practices.

Book your  FREE 1/2hr Consult - if you're ready to get out of multiple life conflicts that feel like a rollercoaster ride. Whether in a relationship crisis or you're hurting from constant disappointments, suffering from empty broken promises, deep-rooted insecurities, lack of deserving, and the perception of having little to no value or self-worth.

Check out my "Heal your Relationship Mondays❣️"on IG   &  Get Healthy with Ask Ingrid❓on IG & YouTube


It's time to talk. I help you take action with a clear plan similar to a blueprint so that your life becomes structured, calm with peaceful solutions while taking care of the health of your body.




With my systems and programs, You’re easily able to make the correct Relationship and Health choices that are specific to your core values. You can feel confident to nurture:

  • Respectful relationships
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • And Enjoy long-term sustainable spiritual alignment to manage daily conflicts in a positive way


ASK INGRID? focuses on health & health habits

...I've also teamed up with as their HOLISTIC SKIN COACH - I'm offering skincare recommendations, suggestions, routines, and plans to care for your skin from the outside in with these VEGAN based plant products that are ethically sourced.

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