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Oct 07
Black Business Directories

As a Canadian Black Business Directory focusing on businesses in the GTA, we decided…

Aug 18
How to List Your Business on Malcolm’s Choice

One of the top questions we receive here at Malcolm’s Choice is how to get your…

Jul 30
5 Grants for Black Entrepreneurs in 2021

Funding and Grants for Black led / BIPOC and women led organizations across Canada.

Jul 16
The Olympics Don’t Deserve Us.

This summer, the Olympics are taking place in Tokyo after being postponed last year…

Jun 27
Why are Black Women Not Believed?

Over this past year alone, we’ve seen plenty of examples of famous Black…

May 29
Navigating Mental Health Resources for the Pandemic & Beyond.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought on many issues for people all over the world. Some…

Apr 24
Finding & Supporting Black Canadian Luxury Designers

Finding local luxury designers alone can be challenging. However, finding Black luxury…

Apr 03
Tax Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners in Ontario

Small business taxes with Kamille Smith, Founder of FitnanceIQ Here are some tips that…

Mar 28
Black in Tech with Ulysses

Canada’s technological industry is ever-growing, and it is important to highlight the…

Mar 21
5 Local Black-Owned Restaurants to visit this year in Toronto

Are you looking for a great local Black-owned restaurant to try today? Then look no…