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Resources for Parents During COVID – home school and tutoring protocols and tools

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school but you, like many parents, are trying to decide what the best decision is for your kids. 

Do we send them back or do we continue to homeschool? 

Neither option is perfect but two black owned businesses are trying to make it easier on parents, no matter what your decision. 

Pinney Learning Centre and TMBUK2 have online tutoring, tips for learning during the pandemic and Covid protocols for in-person tutoring to ensure your kids are getting the most out of this unusual school year. Less worry about them falling behind while making sure they are safe and healthy. 

Tips for parents: preparing for you child to learn in this new environment 

  1. 1.Have a discussion with your family. Ensure to talk about any questions or concerns that you or your children may have. Decide whether your children will learn online or in school.
  2. 2.Email the school and ask what approach they are taking in September to ensure your child/children are safe.
  3. 3.Create a designated learning space if you choose to homeschool your child. Ensure your child has a laptop, tablet, pencil, eraser, notebook, binder, etc. Create a schedule or routine so your child will know what is expected
  4. 4.Create a schedule or routine. This will help your child to gain confidence and foster independence.
  5. 5.Connect with Pinney Learning Centre on Facebook or Instagram for homeschooling tips. We do live lessons and provide free resources.
  6. 6.Secure your Tech – Some of the essential remote learning tools include: a laptop / chromebook / desktop computer (preferably) or a tablet (at the very least); noise cancelling headphones; secure internet; and a dedicated workspace that is quiet and away from distractions. These investments can be costly. If cost becomes a barrier, then families should look to contact their child’s school for assistance. 
  7. 7.Pick up a whiteboard and/or calendar – Whiteboards are where the magic is at. We keep a large whiteboard one on the wall, a medium one to throw down on the floor for miscellaneous use and some small handheld ones for individual use. Apart from doodling, whiteboards are great for spontaneous brainstorming, impromptu lessons, messages, reminders and checklists. Calendars and whiteboards can help you save your energy by not having to be your child’s “human timetable”. They also help to develop a sense of autonomy if you can get your child in the habit of updating calendars and writing down memos. 
  8. 8.Planners and Agendas – Most schools provide agendas for their students. If your fortunate, your child’s teacher will encourage the use of it. If not, you may want to be the one to lead that charge. If the school’s agenda doesn’t cut it, you can look into getting planners from other external sources. 
    1. There are two (2) planners that we usually recommend for our older high school learners: 1) the Productivity Planner and the Rocketbook.
  9. 9.Maintain a Bookshelf – Research studies have suggested that the mere presence of bookshelves increases the likelihood that children will engage with books. But your bookshelf doesn’t only have to hold books. Feel free to stock it with boardgames, workbooks, colouring books, arts and crafts or whatever else you feel might be positive resources for your children. Above all else, ensure your children uphold the cleanliness of their bookshelves so that they understand the materials that they hold are of value and should be treated as such.

Check out the offerings for Pinney Learning Centre and TMBUK2 below. These two black owned businesses are doing what they can to ensure the health and safety of you and your children during the pandemic. Let’s keep everyone on track!

Pinney Learning Centre 

They provide academic support for students in kindergarten to University and are currently offering online tutoring during this to ensure students do not fall behind.

They also have learning pods for students while they are learning throughout the school year. The learning pods have 3-8 students in each class and the students are paired with a certified teacher.


TMBUK2 Education offers educational services for learners in kindergarten through grade 12. They provide assistance in English/Language, Math, Science, French as well as any other course subjects that learners may be enrolled in. 

Their services include 1) one-to-one tutoring, 2) small group courses, and 3) community learning programs. To support both our Learning Strategists and the families that they work with, they are currently offering all of our programs online.


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